Ultimate Everything Super Value Pattern Bundle

Lost Wax
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If you are looking for value, this is it!!!

To get your hands on these patterns, just click the "Buy This" button to the right of this description. I have gathered all my patterns into one awesome bundle that will keep you well costumed for a long time to come. 

Separately these patterns would cost $167.76, but I am selling them all for $34.99 - that's over 75% savings!! That's crazy….. 

And - here's the super awesome amazing thing - when I add a new foam pattern to this bundle, the price will go up, but if you have already bought the bundle, you will get the new patterns for FREE! 

What you get:

Flared Top Hat Downloadable Pattern

Gas Mask Downloadable Pattern

Mini top Hat Downloadable Pattern

Goggles Downloadable Pattern

Top Hat Downloadable Pattern

Flight Hat Downloadable Pattern

Space Helmet Downloadable Pattern

Cat Mask Downloadable Pattern

Masquerade Mask Pattern

Viking Helmet Downloadable Pattern

Diving Helmet Downloadable Pattern

Plague Doctor Mask Downloadable Pattern

Mini Airship Ornament Downloadable Pattern

Tricorn (pirate) Hat Downloadable Pattern

Steampunk Jetpack Downloadable Pattern

Knight Helmet Downloadable Pattern

Steampunk Mechanical Arm Downloadable Pattern

Steampunk Shoulder Armor Downloadable Pattern

Flintlock Pistol Downloadable Pattern

Christmas Photo Booth Printables

Viking Shield and Axe

Sword Template

Steampunk Gun

Plague Doctor Hat

Steampunk Valve Handle 3D print

Among Us Helmet and Backpack

Knight Armor Downloadable Pattern

All of these patterns come with complete written instructions to supplement the online videos. 

Check out my website gallery or Facebook page and see what others have made from my patterns!

And for full video tutorials, head on over to my YouTube channel.

Of course, if you are unhappy for any reason, all my patterns come with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee!! 

  • PDF of all patterns and instructions...forever!
  • PDF of all patterns and instructions...forever!34.99


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Ultimate Everything Super Value Pattern Bundle

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